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Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Review - Full Detailed Review Covering It All

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Review - Full Detailed Review Covering It All So we got here the Xiaomi Mi Max 2this is the successor to the Mi Max which I've been using for the last yearand I really do like this phone I've always gone back to it because of its aminnocent large screen and very good battery life so this really isn't asuccess of the me max - it's more I feel of an improved and revised version Ithink show me should really call this the Mi Max S because that's really whatit is because the chipset has been downgraded to a snapdragon 625 so itis a super large mobile phone as you can see 6.44-inch screen and when you useit as a phone you sometimes do get a few looks like you're holding a mini tabletup to your ear well really you are because this to me has the best featuresof a mobile phone and a tablet in one and having something like this in mypocket means I don't even need to have a 7 or 8 inch tablet because I've got thisright here so what has it improved on the new model we have now a new unibodyhousing which is a lot stronger just looks better feels better in hand aswell slightly smaller bezels we have a new camera, 2 loudspeakers but theoverall layout of the phone as you'll see is exactly the same so our screen isa 1080p IPS 6.44 inches has just mentioned and it has a maximumbrightness of 510 Lux which means it is quite bright now it'snot the sharpest panel because it's 1080p stretched over 6.44 inches but Ido find it'd be fine if you look close enough you will see the pixels on thereand the screen feels quite well and direct sunlight even though it's only510 Lux what other screens can go way up over 600 I find it perfectly fine I'mable to send text messages make calls and see what I'm doing on the screenclearly without issues on the top we've got a 5 megapixel front-facing camerait's exactly the same as the me Mac so it's got an f2 point to aperture andthe quality of it might have been slightly tweaked via software but asyou'll see later on it's not really the best front-facing cameraambient light sensor the proximity sensor the air piece has changed because it nowincorporates a loudspeaker the quality of it during voice calls I find to beslightly better than the me max down the bottom our capacitive backlit menu keysalong the bottom we've got a slight change here now it's unibody we don'thave the plastic along the bottom like you do with the me max the microphoneand loudspeakers here now the loudspeaker handles mostly meds and lowstype C port and two Torx screws holding things in so if you drop it the wholething shouldn't split apart which used to happen with the Mi Max finger putreaders in the same location as the me max it works really well and unlocksevery single time for me no problems with that so on the rear we've got thisnew camera module now so this is a Sony IMX 386 the same exact sensor that's inthe Mi 6 but it does not have optical image stabilization the aperture is f2.0 and it does have a dual tone LED flash to the left of it so a bigimprovement here over the me Max's 16 megapixel camera on the top the 3.5mm headphone jack, really good quality out of this there's nostatic there's no interference.
Secondary microphone for noise cancellation andvideo and IR transmitter and these buttons here these are made out of metaland they do not rattle around they don't make any noise which is greatlastly on the left side as the sentry which will take either two Sims or youhave to give up one of those Sims if you want to use a microSD card and note thatif you live in Europe there is no band 20 LTE support unfortunately so compared tothe previous model the bull quality has improved significantly it just feels somuch better in hand with those rounded corners and a more of a quality deviceto without having the plastic at the bottom which you can see here we stillhave the plastic strips there on the me max which is for the antenna receptionnow the antenna lines are part of the design on the max 2 and the internalblack bezel has now been haft on the max - you can see on the max there there wasquite ugly a bit of an eyesore so it's good to see them slimming that downso all you get in the box is a quick charger here which is quick charge threespec because it's 12 volts 1.5 amps and it will fully charge the phone inapproximately two hours and 23 minutes which is quite fast considering thebattery capacity a type-c cable and then a sim tool here so there is no includedhits it or other extras like a case so the ROM came with is eight point fivepoint one this is a stable version and unlike other phones are tested from showme this really is stable because the me6 wasn't neither was there than me 5c orthe me pad 3 it's based off android 7.1.1 and the performance of it feelsfaster and smoother then my snapdragon 650 powered me max so getting around inthings website browsing super smooth really good good performance very happywith it now does not come with Google Play installed you need to install thatyourself but it's not too hard to do you can see there that performance reallygood multitasking switching between apps and things really don't have anyproblems with it whatsoever YouTube here really quick performance it does notfeel like a snapdragon 625 to me at least when you're in the wrong nowbenchmarks like antutu will show that the me max is faster of course this ison paper benchmark scores to me really and everything it's down to theperformance and maybe because it's got a newer rom on here this of course hasAndroid 6 still but this is the global ROM the latest stable and this hasAndroid 7 I just feel it's a little bit better optimized perhaps helped by thataddition of one gigabyte of memory so even though I said that benchmarks andeverything I'm still going to show you benchmarks here because I do believeit's an important you can gauge that between your own mobile phone and peoplelike to see this so this is Geekbench 4 and the entry to score they just showedyou and the internal storage now these results here are faster than the me maxslightly faster so each MMC 5 speck the pc/mac school of us to work toperformance I mean that's an OK score for this chipset now this is an areathat I wanted to show you that does pop up with Gmail when you're thinkingokaying this it goes away and I can use Gmail perfectly fine wireless speeds nowthe way the speed and range are found to be good now that's not the fastest thewireless range and performance is not as good as the me 6I found the me 6 Wireless to be one of the best I have ever tested it has adual antenna setup and really good range but still good performance and here aremy 4G speeds again not bad good for the chipset GPS performance no issues withit really ok times it wasn't as accurate as Iwould like to see like 3 meters but it kept up with me walking around townlater driving and testing at any car as well no problems really I find it's finewanted to go into a little bit more depth here was did battery life becauseI believe it's one of the most important aspects of a mobile phone more so withthis combination of a Snapdragon 625 and of course a 5300mAh battery so here Iwas playing this battery test 3% battery life I had walking dead for almost 5hours and this was subsequent brightness Chrome for 4 hours and 24 minutes mostthe time was actually streaming using YouTube and it was YouTube streaming tooso I use the YouTube app and that was almost 2 hours there so screen on timeof 15 hours and 35 minutes is really good now the screen on times that I canget out of this they are a lot faster sorry lot bigger than the mean maximummax I can get around 20% more with this mobile if not my as you'll see sothere's the history of that the wireless was on the whole time now I usedwireless if I use my data 4G data which I don't have a lot of then at timeswould be a bit less here now here we got 19 hours of screen on time which isphenomenal this is crazy I lower the brightness here though down to 40% andthere at the screen Islands is in 19 hours same kind of use I was goingthrough my apps not out so walking dead a shot extreme so what can get was onfor three hours gaming that as what extreme for almost two hoursYouTube use chrome some of the applications there didn't pop up andyeah 19 hours crazy battery life now to cover the standby battery drain so whenthe screens off it's just sitting there not doing anythingI had 19% battery here and the time was 16 minutes past 8 when I finally lost 1%so now and then I was checking the screen was about 4 hours later as youcan see so not bad so every 4 hours are going to lose every 4 to 5 hours about1% battery so very good standby battery consumption show me added a front-facingloudspeaker on there now this one handles the meds and more the high endwhere the speaker at the bottom handles more mids and lows so let's have alisten to how it sounded that it's a lot better than the mean max I have noticed that depending on whatkind of track it is if it's super loud like something like a game you will getsome distortion coming out of the speakers 3.5 mini headphone quality alsois really good as mentioned in the start that it's clear there's no static overthere and reasonably loud volume output now gaming performance it's not thefastest because of course it's a Snapdragon 625 with adreno 506 GPU butit does play all of the games out there demanding titles newer titles with atleast playable framerate if you haven't seen my gaming review then check thatone out you'll see that I test a lot more games and you will see occasionalstutters now and then but overall the best thing about it as you can game fora very long time because of the battery life the camera here from show me hasn'tchanged still the same me UI eight one's got various different modes here sovideo will go all the way up to 1080p I'll show you some samples of that injust a second slow-mo is basically useless time-lapse I don't find to bethat good either both of them off of quite poor quality and I would not bepersonally using them so 4k as the maximum sitting but do you always haveto keep going back and sitting out which is quite annoying continue autofocus isenabled but as you'll see with my sample that there are problems with the focusstill now and then so not the greatest quality over in the camera mode now themost interesting mode of course will be manual so you can control the focus thewhite balance ISO and exposure time which goes all the way up to 32 secondsas the highest so quite a long time there to get those streaky lights andeverything like that but of course you've been wanting to use a tripod forthat is a goes up to 3200 so I've got a few samples here now to show you fromthe camera and both good and lower light conditions as well as some camerasamples now the front-facing camera so you can hear it's not loud enough soI've got to turn the volume up in the video editing process it's so quietthere's something wrong with the gain so Xiaomi got to go and release an update herethe quality is okay but I feel it's not any better than the MI Max at allreally. So this is now the rear camera 4k you will see that now and then it doesthat the focus still has problems even in these conditions here pulses in andout seems to be something very common with show me mobile phones and theircamera optimization so at the moment on continual autofocus focusing on the ballthey're back on the background then I'm not at all happy with the focus reallyit should actually be set to tap to focus to avoid these problems but issomething we shouldn't have to do you okay guys so that is the Mi Max - Ireally do like it I believe it saying all-rounded great step up from theoriginal me max which also had great battery life but doesn't taken things astep further of course with the downgraded chipset which is a shame tosee I would have really liked to seen a snapdragon 660 or the 630however 19 hours of screen on time when I had to bite in a set to 40% thatcontinual screen on time is just crazy that is crazy good battery life and whatthat translates into for me my own personal use is I won't have to chargethis now until about every fourth or fifth day which is great so a largescreen super immersive really good for emails for typing on the keyboardbecause it got a lot more screen real estate it just makes things easierthey're great for movies for YouTube now the speakers have improved the camerahas improved but it's not perfect as you see with my video samples video qualitythe audio is far too low front-facing video camera quality is still quiteaverage it's not the greatest and then when it comes to low-light performancefrom debts only IMX 386 well it's a lot better than the original the mean maxit's still not perfect so it's not going to be a mobile phone set everyone thereare the cons the obvious that it's huge okay six point four four inches now Ican fit this in my pocket luckily but there'll be a lot of people out therethat they just won't be able to accommodate to such a large phone wealso have no NFC support no Android pay then of course and it does not supportLTE band 20 so you really need to think on that and would I buy a 7 or 8 inchtablet having such a big mobile I would not so this is going to be replacing myme max I'm really enjoying this so far thank you so much for watching thisreview and I do have to see you back in the channel because I have a lot morereviews up and coming if you've got any comments or questions please leave themdown below .

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