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Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Review - Give It A Month

Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Review - Give It A Month Chris here back with the full review ofXiaomi Mi 8 SE so this is the smaller model of the me eight and has a fivepoint eight eight inch screen it's powered by the Snapdragon 710 four tosix gigabytes of RAM and to 64 gigabytes of internal storageit is emmc fly point one's back and that is all we get we don't have 128 or 256gigabyte storage option which I feel is an error considering that this phone youcannot expand upon that storage there is no micro SD card support but the buildquality of this phone is very good it has a full metal frame all around theoutside and we've got glass on the rear so it's got a bit of a sony xperia meetsiPhone 10 kind of look to it the quality of it is good i've got middle buttons onthe right-hand side one of them is textured the power button so you candistinguish the difference between the volume rocker and that button there theglass on the rear is 2.5 d and it's quite easy to scratch I have noticedI've already got quite a few scratches I don't even know how this has happenedbecause I have been using a case now the camera module you can see we've gotobviously two cameras they're dual tone LED flash the main sensor is 12megapixels it has an F 1.9 aperture it is a Sony AMX 363 sensor which is adecent sensor and used in a lot of flagships it's the same sensor used inthan me 8 but here it is lacking optical image stabilization we only haveelectronic up to at the time of this review only 1080p 4k currently does notwork so that footage is shaky it does take a really good photo but I'll getonto that later on in this review the other camera below that is 5 megapixelsthat's just used for your portrait mode or your depth effect blurred backgroundsup the top we have an IR transmitter secondary mic for voice calls couple ofantenna lines there down the bottom type C port microphone loudspeaker now thetype C port obviously or outputs audio you have to use the adapter now when youuse the adapter audio quality is good it's very clear there's no hisses nostatic now I'll give you a sample of that loudspeaker justmentioned that the loudest is good the quality isn't super-high it can distorta little bit a hundred percent volume but overall not a bad loudspeaker buthere's that sample and then on the left hand side of thedevice there is a sim tray yes it has a notch so it's wider thus not than mostother phones with notches it's a lot wider than the one plus six it has alittle smaller earpiece in here now call quality and voice calls when you listento them through this earpiece of course sounds okay but not the best I believeit's probably because of the size of the earpiece being smaller it just sounds alittle flatter but the volume is all right that comes out of it now we've gota front-facing LED flash for selfies and the camera on the front here is 20megapixels with an F 2.0 aperture it tends to overexpose and this is a commonthing that's been happening with xiaomi phones onto the displays so it's aSamsung AMOLED panel and it's got a really good brightness there's a 719 Luxmaximum output really bright super bright it's got good color reproductionthe whites look good and you can of course tweak that to your own personalpreference through the settings now it also supports HDR I only have one minorcomplaint with this otherwise really great screen is that there blacks atcertain angles don't look as deep as they should now it's down to other twothings I have worked out it's either the glass they have used covering the AMOLEDpanel or it's not optically bonded there may be a small gap between the AMOLEDpanel and then the glass or even maybe perhaps a layer on top of the AMOLEDpanel that's the only thing but it is just a very minor complaint this displayis so much better than the likes of the me 6 X's display or the redmi note 5display they use IPS panels the 18 by 9 aspect ratio but this display here to meis just a lot better now the UI it runs is me UI 9.5 that's shammies own and Iwon't go into a lot of detail with it that it's got a lot of features onthey've got things like double tapped away we do have also and always-ondisplay so that's something that's come through of course with the AMOLED panelthey can use that now at the moment in time of this review all it can displayis just your messages and the date and the time that's it I really wish itwould display other notifications if they can allow us to customize that thatwould be great but it's really good having this feature there of course itwill slightly drain the battery now the thing with the UI and the knotch too isthat when you want to see the notifications they're not actually thereyou have to swipe down the same goes for the battery percent so that will not bedisplayed in the current setup and the icon so Sherman's got a few patches tocome through for this one clearly because I've also seen some stutterswith notifications swiping down has sometimes being very laggy especiallywhen you just turn on data or Wireless and you start getting all those whatsappnotifications coming through there's a lot of lag at times and the chipset isquite powerful and it's not a fold of that the other thing to us notice just acouple of minor little bugs with the UI that I've had icons on top of other onesso the ticks doubling up very minor and also sometimes some lag when using fullgesture mode just going through recent apps so that's just a minor thingthere's a few little bugs that they have to iron out now performance of the phonein general is very good though when you don't see any of that lag you've got anante to score of almost 170,000 so that puts it above the snapdragon 660 and the6-3 six which is about 130,000 so performance is good now the wireless Ihave a minor complaint here with a whiner Wireless it doesn't seem to be asfast as other phones for some reason and I cannot figure out what why this isI've done a lot of speed tests I've also used apps like Wi-Fi sweet spot just tosee their maximum throughput there and it's falling below other phones I justbelieve a patch is probably needed again software here isn't quite there at themoment with those GPS signal is good it gets a fast lock also the internalstorage is fast for the specs now we're having a look at added battery life thebattery capacity is 3121 hours so it's not the largest because it is a smallerphone obviously they had to cut down over for example a 3400 see in the me 8but it did surprise with good battery life here so with my own battery lifetests that i do i do continual use i use the phone quite demanding you can call amoderate to heavier a lot of gaming and it managed to getclose to eight hours on screen time so you're gonna get about seven to eighthours out of this phone so there's definitely a two day mobile phone thecourse depending on your use just take this as a guide only charge times alsovery quick so it does support Qualcomm quick charge three and in thirty minutesare challenging you can get around about fifty percent battery life which isgreat and to fully charge takes just over one hour and twenty minutes so allgood there so to the main camera here it can take a really nice photo a littlebit oversaturated at times but I know that most people will probably preferthese photos because the colors do look greatvery nice and when you're viewing them on the AMOLED panel do they look evenoversaturated more perhaps it all depends on how you have the screencalibrated but even getting is on my PC looking at them I did a comparisonagainst the ribbon note five and they tended to be a little bit more saturateddifferently than the Rema note five but it did lose out there with low lightperformance against that phone so make sure you check out that review thatcamera comparison gaming performance so a lot of games newer titles like pub shedidn't actually order to Texas net dragons 710 very well put it on thelowest settings but if you use applications like GFX tool force it ontothe high settings the game is still very playable and it looks great so theperformance here of the Snapdragon 17 is great and even having a look at alineage two revolution that even on the highest settings very playable itssmooth so good gaming performance I think that what the well 1080presolution which is this basically is pushing it has no issues with all thedemanding titles so this is now shooting in 4k and youcan see of course we get a lot more detail the resolution is good now dohave that image stabilization enable in ceilings but you can see that clearly itis not working because the footage is a little bit shaky and I don't have thesteadiest of hands definitely noticeable when you start to walk and move aroundaverage Xiaomi has to improve the audio quality it's been a problem that we'vehad with my boss as a recent and affecting mostly the flagships sohopefully with mui ten when that comes out will improve the quality of theaudio and give us electronic stabilization face unlocking is alsovery quick it's fast and it's also very unsecure there's a couple of videos thathave been released one from china especially that they managed to fool thecamera with a simple a4 printout in black and white of someone's face ifI've got time I may do a video testing that one out now to quickly recap hereso we've got a fantastic AMOLED panel from Samsung five point eight eightinches I really do like the size the build of this the screen okay it doeshave the knotch but what you're gaining is really goodbrightness good color reproduction blacks okay it's certain angles theydon't look as dark and deep as they should be for an AMOLED panel but Ithink it's the glass but really the glass on the back as well scratched andI don't even know how he did it but using a case and it's got a couple ofscratches on it already so it's a little bit more fragile definitely than otherphones because the glass back on it and yes it has a bit of a copycat designedlook compared to say the Xperia that iPhone 10 we know that's what Charmy hasbeen doing recently with their designs so the bezels on the side a little bitthicker than the press images so be prepared for a little bit of a surprisewhen you get your hands on this if you happen to buy oneit just won't be exactly as you thought I noticed that when I first unbox thisand four side bezels but it is good you're gaining a really really goodscreen here so better life also excellent core quality is good Wirelessspeeds not as fast as I expect it but I believe it's down to software GPS isworking well the audio quality from the three pointfive outs using the adapter of course you have to plug the adapter oh thatsounds good it's clear it's crystal clearstatic does it no interference there the loudness is good but really comes downto software with this phone here that Chairman's got a lot of optimization todo with the camera so fix the 4k electronic image stabilization or enableit or let third-party applications use it at least they also need to optimize alittle bit the camera and low-light front-facing camera over exposes theyneed to fix that and the audio there are bugs with the UI so very minor bugsthough not the whole phone crashing but I just noticed that icons doubling upnow and then I noticed some stutters some lag that should not be happeningwith a snapdragon 710 the 710 looks like an efficient chipset were they a goodcombination of features efficiency and power it can play all the latest gameson the high settings with good frame rates thereso overall once Xiaomi fix the software you've got yourself a very decent phoneprice similarly to the Mi 6x and I think a lot of people have been asking mewhich one's the best obviously this is faster has the better display I thinkthe better cameras are on the 6x though so that one might have a slight edge Ihave a camera comparison of that one coming up and currently working on itand I do hope to catch you back in the channel soon with my upcoming reviews ifyou haven't checked out my review of the me sorry the redmi note 5 that's rightup here and also the camera comparison between the redmi note 5 and this Mi 8 SEthank you so much for watching .

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