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Under 1: 25 Things From #AliExpress With Free Shipping

Under $1: 25 Things From #AliExpress With Free Shipping An ancient Chinese proverb says: good thingsaren't cheap, cheap things aren’t good.
Little did they know, that the irony wouldbe in the majority of cheapest things coming from China. Anyway, I can’t always agree with this statement. The magic of AliExpress is that you can findexpensive things for cheap, and cheap things for even cheaper. And we are here to help you with that. In this video we will show you 25 differentthings that you can get from AliExpress for $1 or less, including free shipping to mostcountries.
As always, if you want to look at the thingswe show you more closely, all product links are in the description below.
If you like Counter-Strike, or are fascinatedby guns aesthetics in general, but can’t or don’t want to buy one, get one on yourkeychain. These miniature gun copies are more affordableand probably safer than the real thing. There are a lot of different ones availablein this listing - see if there is one that you want the most. If you find yourself in a situation whereyou are in a dare need of a portable light, and you just can’t use your phone and don’thave a flashlight, this portable credit-card sized light will come handy.
You can carry it around in your wallet, anduse only whenever required. For the times when you need your phone, andcan’t use either of your own, AliExpress will lend you a hand or two.
This phone and tablet holder stand will helpyou enjoy a morning, or an evening - I don’t judge - bowl of cereal while watching yourfavourite YouTube channel or a daily dose of fail compilations, cute cat videos or documentariesfor various research purposes. For those going back to school, here is arevolutionary gadget that will gift you with ample extra room and will save you tons incarrying by combining not 2, but 3 gadgets in 1: a ruler, a calculator, and a magnifyingglass. Or if you are done with school, but are planningto get lost on a deserted island, you can use it to measure branches, count the numberof rocks, and to flash sunbeams at passing ships and planes.
And while you do that, this manual juicerwill help you pass the time by enjoying a variety of healthy ration of your daily servingof fresh fruit, that hopefully grow on that island you are about to get lost on. If not, Russians actually drink birch juice,and Mexicans consume cacti drinks. Hopefully this thing is strong enough to usewith both.
If you want to be known as the best practicaljoker out there, here is the ultimate pranking device - a snake in the can. World-famous, yet it still can not stop keepingthe humanity on the verge of a heart stroke.
Hey, Leonard, is there any peanut brittleleft in that can? And then to solidify your reputation onceand for all, make sure to show them how you can turn a plastic stick into a green plant. You will be seen as nothing short of Jesus,so better start to practice walking on water to live up to the expectations. And there we have glow-in-dark laces. Why, you might ask? Because AliExpress.
Here we don’t really ask why or what for.
The same reason for these crown tire hub caps. Why do you need them? Because why not, of course. They are sold as single pieces, so keep thatin mind when you add them to the cart. If you wear glasses or sunglasses, get a fewof these bad boys. They will clean your glasses so that theyare not just clean, but Monica Geller clean.

They won’t set you back either, costingonly 45 cents a piece. The cloth is microfiber. And if you like to do your housework KittyForman-style, you might want to buy a few of these, because drinking an entire bottleof wine in one sitting is not very healthy. They are made out of silicone, and there areseveral color to pick from. We have seen a good share of toilet stickersin the past, but this is the first time we see this one.
Both humans come on the same sticker, so itis up to you if you want to keep them together, or separate them and put on the opposite doors.
The sticker is made out of vinyl, and it seemsto be quite large. If you like to keep your hands busy, and yourbrain focused, and a fidget cube doesn’t quite cut it and you think that a fidget spinneris too millennial, try these good ol’ fashioned metallic brain teasers. There is only one design or shape in thislisting, but you can browse suggested products if you want to see more. If your neck hurts because of fatigue or cold,here is a patch that will warm it up to help with the recovery.
It contains no batteries, and instead hasmineral tourmaline for self-heating. The patch has soft marks on it for bettertraction.
When I was a kid,Tiger Balm was the real dealin our country. There were locally-manufactured alternativesfor this weird minty rub, like the Red Star that came in round containers, but the TigerBalm was that rare imported unicorn that everyone wanted. And now it apparentlycomes in the form of plasters, which should make it more convenient because it won’tspread around as easy as the cream would.
Quite often of AliExpress you will find itemswith very odd names. Not sure if it is intentional, they just getlost in translation, like this lip balm that is sold under the brand called romantic bear. But don’t let the name discourage you, thebalm is actually pretty good and I have been using it for the past year or so, and evengot a few of those for my family members.
It has a pleasant smell and a very normaltexture. In our previous videos we have shown plainsleeping masks for around 30 cents, this time this mask looks like a panda.
Due to irregular working hours Maria has towear one when she goes to bed, and she got herself one of these. It is soft and pleasant to the touch, andthe stretchy band has not ripped or detached, and the mask could easily be sold at retailstores for around $5. Here is a coin purse that you can use to storeall the change that you save by shopping on AliExpress, you cheap bastard. They are made out of faux leather, and theylook pretty cute with their weird Japanese-style designs.
And speaking of weird brand names, this oneis called Line Friends.
Makes total sense right?...moving on. What can be more badass than a unicorn? It is a horse with a horn for the purposeof killing. Don’t let its gentle appearance fool you. They are vicious creatures, so much that Pepecan no longer be considered a hate symbol. This unicorn pin costs less than $1 and comeswith free e-Packet shipping to those in US and Canada.

All trinkles you see at stores like Forever21 and Zara are in reality much, much cheaper than you see them sell for. The reason for that is that stores have muchhigher markups than sellers on AliExpress. So if you prefer the convenience of shoppingfrom your own home for items that you really don’t have to try on before buying, anddon’t want to pay up to 10 times the price, check out this world map pendant. Or if you are into bracelets, check out thishandcuffs bracelet that ironically, or rebelliously says freedom. Without thinking too much about it, considerthe fact that they come in few different color options, look pretty good, and won’t setyou back too much financially.
If you are into hiking, you probably knowthat the carrying capacity is everything.
The less stuff you have packed in, the lessstuff you have to carry around. This silicone folding cup packs really nicely,weighs very little, and due to the very high melting point, can handle both hot and colddrinks like a champ. Just like Alexander Ovechkin.... Because he’s an alcoholic....
Was that too much? BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrialchemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s.
Exposure to BPA is a concern because of possiblehealth effects of BPA on the brain, behavior and prostate gland of fetuses, infants andchildren. Additional research suggests a possible linkbetween BPA and increased blood pressure. So a BPA-free drinking bottle sounds likea decent idea, if you ask me.
Back to camping. Overnight trips mean that at some point youwill likely be awake when it gets dark. And when that happens, you will likely needa source of light, unless you have night vision.
And in the likely event that you don’t,I present to you a camping light with a convenient hook that has 3 lighting modes, and worksoff 3 AAA batteries. And if you want to bring the weird to anotherlevel, here is a pencil case that looks like a bag of chips.
To those of you going back to school in Septemberthis might be a useful thing to have, especially if you feel like standing out. Of course, if your schoolmates watch our channeltoo, they might not be as impressed. In the unlikely event that they do watch it,the surprise is ruined. If not, grab one now to make sure it arrivesbefore the school starts.
There are a few different designs, my favouriteone is the third one.
If you want to see what it is, head to AliExpressthe product link is in the video description below. Thank you for watching, friends, and if youwant to see more cheap stuff, check out these videos. Cheers! .

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