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Redmi Note 5 Review - Crazy Good For The Price

Redmi Note 5 Review - Crazy Good For The Price Hi guys Chris here back with a reviewnow off the xiaomi redmi note 5 so i've been using it for over a week and thistruly is in my opinion the best budget phone that you will find priced around220 us at least this is the cost of my model here with the 4 gigabytes of RAM64 gigabytes of storage now this has qualcomm's latest you could say superefficient chip with reasonable power it's the Snapdragon 636 now that's goteight cryo 260 cores on it Adreno 509 GPU it's pretty much a GPU for everyoneout there because it's going to have enough power to play all the games itwon't be the fastest so you won't get the smooth frame rate but in general avery good chipset that is quite power efficient so it's really easy on thebattery so this phone right here has an 18 by 9 aspect ratio screen which is2160 by 1080 or 2 by one ratio really I don't know why anyone's not calling itthat it seems to be all the manufacturer so it's 18 by 9 that's 2 by 1 so thescreen here has a maximum brightness of almost 500 Lux about 489 a mishit andthen it's really decent now the sunlight legibility as you can see here isn'twonderful so it's not as good as say a Super AMOLED panel so that blacks aswell they're not gonna be as deep but overall the color reproduction seemsquite good you can't took that in the settings as well to your own personalpreference and the viewing angles are good now they're not I would say not asgood as I have seen I mean I even think the readme Note 4 has a slightly betterIPS panel in it but overall a very decent screen that this has now some ofthe changes with this new model here since the Chinese Edition is that Xiaomidecided to change things up a little bit when it comes to the cameras so we stillhave that 5 megapixels since a use for the depth photo so that's going to grabthe background so you get the blurred background but they decided to changethe 12 megapixel sensor this one here has a slightly different lens on it soit's f 1.9 and it has a one point four millimeter pixel size two sensor on herewhich is a sensor that has dual pixel face detection autofocus so what doesthat jargon mean it basically means the focus on this mobile phone is reallyquick it is very very fast indeed and this finally kills the focus huntingissues that has been plaguing showing these phones for quite some time so wedon't have any issues with that anymore and it really is a step up and cameraperformance as you'll see later on in the review when I get to my camera partand look at the performance of the cameras on it so the front camera wehave up here this one's 13 megapixels as a downgrade you could say from theIndian version which is the redmi note 5 pro we now have 13 megapixels but itsupports now and it has depth so you can take those dips fake photos with yourblurred bokeh backgrounds and it does a reasonable kind of job of that it doestend to get the stitching a little bit wrong at times it also has an LED flashwhich shy in the beginning falsely mistaken for as perhaps the secondarycamera but it kind of looks like one but it isn't it's a secondary flash which isgreat to have so they can light up your face for those selfie lovers out thereso raw Delft is quite a bit now in terms of build quality you can see we've got afull not quite a full metal unibody it's the back of its all metal but the topsand the bottom are made out of plastic this to me is a slight con slightdisappointment I would've liked them to view say the Uni body from the me 5x oreven my MMX - that's quite a good unibody and we don't have a type C porton here which I feel is a huge error I mean come on show me this is 2018 what'sthe problem with them why can they not use type C they think it's only forflagships but my guess is they probably have like a billion micro USB ports thatthey still need to use up in these phones so that's why that is happeningso we've got dual SIM support now this model because it's the Chinese one doesnot support LTE band 20 which is a bit of a con so wait and get the globalversion or the local EU version that will be coming out in Portugal and Spainhopefully soon that's supposed to be coming out so it will take to nano Simsas you can see with the sim tray there or a micro SD card if you give up one ofthose nano Sims there so my storage here I've got 64 gigabytes of course you canput up to a 256 gigabytes of micro SD card storage in there so it's great tohave that option there now the volume buttons that are on the right-hand sidehere so these are made out of meets all they've got a good feel to them theydon't rattle around and overall the position of them to get them get to theone-handed is perfectly fine and it's quite acomfortable phone to use now because the longer screen perhaps maybe it's there'sa little bit harder to swipe but really I don't find it too much of an issue youcan get used to that so the UI now is shipping this phone at least withAndroid 8.1 which is really good and is and being no over-the-air updates yetwhich is a little bit strange but perhaps with all the Chinese holidaysthey've had lately that's probably why but hopefully there's going to be apatch coming out because I have encountered a few problems with the ROMthat now and then you will see a little bit of stutter this happens mostly inthe fullscreen gesture mode which is something they recently added with thenew UI 9.5 and it just lets you use the screen to the full advantage here youdon't have to have the on-screen navigation buttons showing all the timeit's very easy to do you just swipe from the side to go back or you can swipe upand then pause and that brings you to recent apps and then of course if youjust swipe straight up then that's to take you back to the home screen andI've been using that now for a week and it's perfectly fine and I found thatwhen I use my max - I ended up doing that on that phone there so very easilyget used to those swiping gestures and everything so let's take a look now atthe face unlocking so using the front-facing camera can unlock quitequickly now I found that it works okay but sometimes when it should work ingood light it just doesn't okay there it worked quite quick so it's only reallyin low light that it doesn't work as you'd expect the face unlocking I'll tryit again and it's just sometimes couldn't recognize you there it goesokay a little bit slower than but the fingerprint reader on the back I meanthis takes under a second to unlock it's very quick just like other redmi deviceslike the redmi note 5 the redmi note 4 really good there moving on to batterylife now but before I mention that charge time so it is two hours and fiveminutes to fully charge it from 5% battery life using the supplied chargernow if you use a Qualcomm quick charge 3 charger then you can drop that down tothis one hour and 49 minutes which isn't bad so also talking about not bad is 9hours and 15 minutes of on-screen time here this is what the wireless on withthe data enabled as well yes data a little bit but most the timewas actually just Wireless now this figure is very decent so it's about twodays for most people but it's not quite as good as the readme five plus Imanaged to get ten hours of that so moving from the snapdragon to six tofive and then to the six three six you lose about ten percent battery life butI feel it's a welcome trade-off no this is quite heavy use as well so I wasplaying hit chrome I used quite a bit as well and pub G so pub G for one hour and53 minutes and you can see here hit for just over two hours and then chrome foran hour and 32 minutes during that time there so the Snapdragon 636 is arelatively new chipset I mean it only just came out I'm very interested to seehow it performs and synthetic benchmarks so we get a score here that is quite abit higher than a Snapdragon six to five so the 65 gets about 70,000 and herewe're getting at times almost close to a hundred and twenty thousand this is whatthe latest version of antutu so not a bad result at all a huge step up reallyfrom the previous generation of the chipset here's the Geekbench full scorenow I did test out the internal storage so it's e MMC 5.1 speak here and thesespeeds are okay kind of to be expected really for the spec of Drive it does nothave that fast u FS 2.1 storage that comes on mid-range and flagship devicesof course GPS performance i've noticed that it's quite good just like most ofthe qualcomm chipsets really it's only media tech that was having trouble withGPS accuracy is always around about three and four meters so not badand i did test out my wireless speed so testing the maximum that this wirelessAC can output is close to 300 megabits per second here but then when i testedout 4g not really too happy with the results here so i couldn't really getwhat I would call the normal kind of speeds out of here no tested overdifferent days and maybe this is down to the fact that I have the Chinese versionand hasn't got the optimal band of LTE that I'm currently running on and thisis probably the best residing managed to get with the wireless here - so 134 andthen thirty-four upload again not as fast asother mobile phones that are pushing more around 160 download and about ahundred and fifty upload as well so not too sure waters up with the wireless andthe 4G performance hopefully software updates will address this just down thebottom you'll find the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and the loudspeakers itis just one of them and the volume of it it's actually quite decent I'll give youa sample that of just a second but I wanted to mention that the sound outputfrom the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack it's good no issues with it it's notsuper high quality it doesn't have a high quality deck on there anything likethat but it's good it's decent nice volume output as well and the corequality as well is really good but let's have a listen to that loudspeaker now so decent volume coming out of that it'snot super high quality either the loudspeaker is a tiny little bit of bassa little bit of meds but overall for the price of the phone I find it to be goodand yes on this mobile you also get FM radio with a hardware FM radio tuner soit's not using any of your data it's great to have this on here still onmobile phones so let's move over to the cameras now I covered the camera indepth and did a comparison against the Samsung Galaxy s7 so please check out myvideo of that I've got way more samples and even more video samples as well butyou can see that this phone here can take some really good images in daylightand it can even match or even sometimes better the quality of photo produced bythe Samsung Galaxy s7 a two-year-old flagship and that is really somethingthat's amazing results here you can see look at these photos just check out theclouds still got some details of the clouds still have some details in theshadows there so the dynamic range on the rear camera is really good and whatimpresses me is the focus and you could still take a decent macro to with thiscamera now where it isn't so good as always is low-light so I'm only gonnagive you just a few samples here you can see here that it's but to get a bit ofgrain pixel II it's over sharpening so hopefully maybe with a little bit oftweaking Xiaomi can improve the quality of low-light photography so on the rearcamera and the front camera we can take those dips effect photos you know werethe ones with the blurred background that seemed to be very popularso portrait mode on the rear camera does a much better job than the front-facingcamera when it comes to stitching as you can see here now if you zoom in closeespecially with the front-facing camera you can see that at first glance thisphoto looks good zoom in and oh hang on the stitchingjust around the side of my face there not so great so hopefully this will beimproved so with the native camera app you canshoot in 1080p with electronic image stabilization now just check out howsteady this is you're probably thinking well you must be using your gimbalsurely but no yes a budget phone with this level of stabilization pretty muchunheard of until now and it really is impressive considering that I'm justholding this with two hands so handheld walking along and it's doing a reallyreally good job and not only that for 1080p video I find the quality to begood there is some improvements as well to the audioalthough the bitrate is still quite low it is a little bit louder than mostphones you'll see here now because we have that phase detection autofocus thedual pixel phase detection autofocus I should say just like the Samsung Galaxys7 you find that the focus is pretty much rock-solid very good no more focushunting so Xiaomi have done an excellent job here with this really good andoverall I'm really impressed considering that this is about a 220 US mobile phonenow if you want to shoot in 4k you can do this but you need to use open camI'll give you a sample of that now now with open camera it's not perfectbecause I do have the electronic image stabilization enabled as well becausethe hardware support is there now you notice that it might drop a few framesnow and then it depending on what bitrate you set so if you set a reallyhigh bitrate it will tend to drop more frames but to me this quality isexcellent it is really really good I mean I even walked down these steps hereto show you just how that image stabilization is going to work and Iused to be a really strong believer that you must have optical imagestabilization but that really is only needed now for low-light photography andnot so much for video because you have a lot of the killed with Google pixel andnow this kind of stabilization I feel the electronic imagestabilization or digital is all you really need video sample now in low-light and youcan see it's not very good at all there's a lot of grain it actually looksso much brighter than it really is and there's a quick sample as well what thefront-facing camera looks like in low lights you can see it's not great againlots and lots of grain alright so that wraps up my video here Xiaomi has setthe standard yet again for a budget mobile phone under 250 u.s.
this sellsfor about 220 and really it just offers so much so the Snapdragon is six threesix this is my new favorite chip see because it's got a real almost a perfectblend of performance features and efficiency so it's not quite asefficient as a Snapdragon 625 it's about 10 percent less efficient uses about 10percent more power in my testing so I got eight to nine hours on screen timewith this with the xiaomi redmi v plus I managed to get about 10 hours so we'relosing about an hour there you can see Tim percent really is what it isbut overall the build quality is decent that's solid the screen is fine I mean1080p IPS panel with maximum brightness of 500 Lux is very good and we aregetting better cameras than you'll ever find really in most other budget phonesaround this price find me a mobile phone at least at the time of this review thatwill take a bit of photo than this one and you will struggle because this has asensor on the rear of it that has features from Fletcher flagship mobilephones so we've got that dual pixel phase detection autofocus which is veryfast so the same focus technology used in the Samsung Galaxy s7 s8 and even thes9 is using that the dual pixel technology for the focus really good butwhat surprised me is if you put photos side by side in certain conditions theredmi note 5 can take a better photo than my samsung galaxy s7 and then is ahuge and amazing feat for $220 mobile phone just let that sink in that's kindof amazing now low light no low light the galaxy s7 would absolutely kill thismobile phone here well not absolutely but there's a huge difference it's a lotbetter so it's it's not perfect there's a couple of things I'm not too happyabout so first off there's a couple of UI stutters so when you swipe upsometimes especially in the full screen gesture mode you will see a couplelittle tiny micro stutters a little a little bit of lag there but it's not adeal-breaker and show me I believe we'll be able topatch and fix that because I feel the roms quite new there and that's probablythe reason why so we've got Android 8.1 out of the box which is great to have sovery recent version and of course this has me you a 9.5 1 of it their latestbuilds as well too so there's also good to see so overall as a package as aphone for the price really good highly recommended from me I really don't thinkChumlee could have bettered this unless of course they put a type C port on hereunibody and NFC and then it would be a mid-range phone and they'll be chargingan extra hundred or 150 US more thanks a lot for watching this review and pleasedo check out my camera comparison of the Remy note 5 vs samsung galaxy s7 up hereand then my latest videos over here bye for now .

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