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Mi Pad 4 Gaming Review - Awesome For Gaming

Mi Pad 4 Gaming Review - Awesome For Gaming Chris here back with the Mi pad 4 soin this video I'm checking out gaming performance and as a snapdragon 616 sothat's a 8 core octa-core CPU and has 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes ofstorage so I'll be testing out various titles it's all being recorded in 60frames per second so you can see how smooth or how choppy it could be so thisgame that I'm testing right now you can see is hit or hero's of incredible talesand it's on the graphical setting number 5 so that's the highest I can get itwon't let me put it on 6 it runs perfectly fine it is super playable noissues whatsoever with this title or in fact any of the titles that I'm going tobe testing out you will see that it runs games really well and very fluid next upis Ashfield extreme I'm pretty sure most people know this game here and it'srunning fluidly without any problems on the highest visual settings this next title is vainglory so if youlike League of Legends you like dota to that style of game then this is probablyone of the better ones you can get on Androidvisually it looks really good very nice graphics and it runs perfectly fine herewith this hardware so the four gigabytes of RAM the Snapdragon 660 is not anissue for this one next up is player unknowns battlegrounds also known as pubG that everyone seems to call it so help with the settings so graphics I'm goingto go with HD and high now you can of course change this but that's as high asyou can go unless you use for example GFX tool and set this higher so when youfirst start out right now I'm using the first-person mode so you can either havethe third person or first person you can see the frame rate is good loading inhere quite a few players and there really is no issues with this game but Iwill show you some more gameplay here because this is really an extended lookat gaming on the meet pad for you see here that it is still very smooth withthe map loading in did they come around there no lag there you see a few littlestutters here and there to be expected when it's loading in the textures andthings alright just got to get out of this red zone real quick becauseotherwise those bombs are gonna start to drop and I'm gonna be in trouble okaysomeone's already shooting at me hopefully they have a vest for mebecause I'm missing out on that I've got no armored vest yet no no I'm a betterweapon though okay I got my ride here so you can see that this game is going tobe really playable and really this is a very nice tablet to use for this kind ofgame because its size I feel it's not too heavy in the better life is alsovery good when gaming up to about 7 hours well it's not looking good for mewith this game I've got 7 kills but I'm about to die so this total here isdarkness rises probably one of the best looking games at the moment or one ofthe best looking Ed's that I'll be testing out in this video looks greatand you can see it's running perfectly fine on this hardware this title here shadow 5/3 really goodgraphics gameplay is not too bad either the CPU players can be super hard thisis the dual mode at the moment and it looks like I will be able to win thisone now the next game is an adventure game is called lineage 2 and I have itsit on all of the highest settings as you can see I'm just gonna use the autobattle mode once you get into a certain level you can actually turn this on andyou can see there is a little bit of started with this one it's still smoothit is still very playable but it probably is one of the more demandingtitles actually that I will test out you do see some little stutters then anddips in the framerate this next title is a first-person shooter it's calledshadow gun legends and I've got it set on a medium setting now you can put itup a little bit higher but I found was just a little bit too slow the framerateand I'll show you how it performs now just with medium on the 60 frames persecond setting and you can see it does look really good this game the graphicsare impressive frame rate seems to be good I wouldn't say it's hitting 60frames per second all the time though there are some definite dips so even though he does have thoseframerate dips it is definitely playable and you can of course lower that sittingif you're not happy with that just slow it down a little bit and it will runmuch better this next title is World of Tanks so I'mrunning with the default setting and I just zoomed in here you can see theframerate is good I just noticed it sometimes when there is an explosion orsmoke on screen that you will see a little bit of lag and someone isshooting at me I'm not okay I'm in trouble here definitely in trouble okaybut anyway the point is just to show you that this game runs smooth it's fluidnot gonna have any issues with it and the same goes for this title here sothis is war robots framerate is good you'll see some stutters here and therenow at times but overall their performance is good so this last gameI'm going to test out is called critical ops it's a counter-strike clone and itdoes have a framerate counter and it's pretty much almost running at 60 framesper second the whole time you can see right up there hopefully can make thatout so no problems with this game either their performance is good this is a verylight game and yes I'm dead already alright so there we go that's a sampleof gaming on the meet pad for what you can expect is every single game outthere to be playable of course it's only games that are very demanding and havethe highest graphics settings so when you use high on shadow gun it didactually show some lag and that's why I went with the medium settings and evenon medium when there's a lot going on you will get the occasional lag the samegoes for wall robots and also a World of Tanks that if you happen to have a lotof explosions and things going on then you will seeframerate dips but it's nothing serious and that's for thermals well I don'treally need to cover that because the tablet barely gets warm but I'll quicklyshow you right here of what to expect this is after about 2 hours of gamingit's not even getting warm the thermals are just really good on this so if youhaven't seen my full review of the meet pad for make sure you do check that outbecause they cover many other things this is just covering gaming of coursebye for now .

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