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Lenovo Z5 Pro Review - What Were They Thinking

Lenovo Z5 Pro Review - What Were They Thinking In the channel I have reviewed lenovolaptops and tablets but i haven't checked out any of their mobile phonesuntil now so i picked up this one here this is the z5 pro it's an interestingmobile phone because it has specs that are a little similar and the design toshow meas me mix three that i reviewed so this one has a six point three nineinch AMOLED panel from samsung and of course the slider design means you needto slide the screen down to reveal the front-facing selfie cam so that's theway they didn't resort to going with say and not sure a hole in the screen we getthe slider there of course so that's front-facing cameras one sixteen theothers eight megapixels these pics are right up here I'll just quickly go overthem so it is powered by the Snapdragon 710 it's got six gigabytes of RAM and itdoes have 64 gigabytes of storage now the battery capacity a little bit lowerthan you'd expect and that is of course because of the compromises they have tomake with the design with the slider taking up a little bit more space it'sthree thousand three hundred and fifty million hours I picked this one up herefrom GearVita the good news is that it is a completely factory sealed box youcan see it's got the Lenovo seal so it won't have one of those dodgy shop romson it just over ten millimeters means it's a thick phone and it is also heavyat 209 grams and keeping with this slide of theme you slide the box to the rightand that reveals our accessories we get a Qualcomm quick charge three speccharger with a maximum output of 12 volts 1.5 amps a black type-c cable andthen of course we get a type c2 3.5 millimeter headphone adapter so yes itdoes not have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack unfortunately and neither does ithave LTE band 20 this phone we also get a screen protector which is great to seebut no case sadly your typical or leaflets instruction manual warrantycard that's all in Chinese and a sim tool on the top of the phone you willfind a secondary mic used in video and for noise cancellation and then Elsontrays so it takes two nano Sims there is no microSD card support heredown the bottom you will find a status LED yes it is down here this is a firmbecause they didn't have room around the screen bezel to place it there it's in abit of an unfortunate position to the left of it you will find the mic therefor voice calls and video type seaports and then the single loudspeaker there isa dual camera arrangement on the rear so the main sensor is 16 megapixels with anF 1.8 aperture a secondary 24 megapixel camera this one has 2 times optical zoomand we also have a dual tone LED flash so just under that slider we have ofcourse the dual front-facing camera so one's 8 megapixels with 2 times opticalzoom just like the rear front-facing 16 main sensor and I like so that's yourinfrared assistant light that just helps out with low-light and then course theearpiece now this earpiece is interesting because when you make avoice call you have to slide it open because unlike the show-me there's nogap at the top here for the sound to pass through and the same goes for thesecondary loudspeaker because this acts as our secondary loudspeaker you don'thave to open it so when you're listening to something like YouTube you don't getthe same effect you got to open it up to be able to hear the sound good that whenit transmits out of here so when you take a look at the bottom of the slidermechanism you see there is a gap here now I had this on the mmx3 as well andit's about 1.5 millimeters there at the bottom and if I just flip around now toshow you the top the top one is a little bit less you can see there it tooks youquite a bit less it's about only one millimeter there now that may bothersome people to me I think that is just by the design to have this gap of coursewith the slider how it works the input buttons on the left hand side we have avolume rocker which feels really good it does not rattle anything like that andthen on the left you can see just that single power button now this powerbutton has a bit of a texture to it the location of it is good I can get mythumb to it when I'm of course using it with my right hand I'm not left-handedit just has the camera tripod in the way and the other thing too is how does thatslider feel well it slides open nicely as you can see and as a good feel to itand makes that nice sound so very similar to the Xiaomi me mix 3 and I'mgonna have to say I feel that the slider mechanism does feel a little bit betterthan shell nice and it doesn't have as much play so what was happening with theXiaomi that when you would move it like verse therea few millimeters of play here there's a tiny tiny tiny a little bit of play it'salmost non-existent you can just feel it move the tiniest little bit thereoverall it does feel sturdy sorry if I don't drop it and of course the framearound here this is made out of metal going all around the outside so if youdrop it of course that frame is going to push in crack the screen and that'll beit game over for the screen with this phone okay so let's test it out I havean able double tap to wake so you can wake it up I'll place my thumb and youcan see it worked then fine now it does take a little bit longer than yourtypical fingerprint read it's not fast and the other phone that I tested outthat does have the in screen fingerprint reader which is the vivo Nix that one Iwould have to say is a little bit more accurate than this when I do find thatit works about seven out of ten times okay there we go see the speed it's allright is the speed a deal-breaker I don't think it is now the phone doeshave face unlocking exactly like the meme x3 you need to swipe down get it tosee your face and you probably saw then that the IR light came on so there is aninfrared front-facing light to that helps illuminate your face and that justmeans it's a little bit fast and low-light conditions overall the speedis about as fast as the fingerprint reader do that one more time maybe alittle bit slower and to run about two to three seconds so when you first powerit up you have to go through the typical set up I won't show you that becausethere's really not much to show you so the UI is the zdi this has got so it'slenovo's UI it's version 10 it's running Android 8.1 the security level patchlevel is from and September the first and you notice when you first see thephone that it does have yes amazingly small bezels they're really nice verysmall there's no cutout at the top as I showed you for the earpiece and thestatus LED is not on the front you have to look at it from the bottom it's justdown here but overall impressions of the phone when you look at the screen likethis it does look pretty good I mean that well if it's gone for me when Ifirst checked out say the me mix in the beginning that was a phone that gave mea bit of a well there so Ron performance I have noticed that it's not the bestnow I've got one over there update what I would say is it has this kind of microstuttering you see and I believe it's not the actual performance of the ROMbut more the touch digitizer so the touchscreen perhaps the sample rate ofthe actual touch input is not at 60 Hertz it's something like 30 maybe andwe've got the screen maybe running at the 60 frames per second but you do seethese kind of little stutters here and there when you pull down notificationsas well sometimes it's there you see that it's just the animations or shouldI say with the touch there that's causing this you just see it a littlebit everywhere and for me it's just not as fluent as it could be now thekeyboard you just saw that pop-up with the search that's a Google's G boardthat's actually on the ROM here now you'll see that when you get it there isno Google Play installed it does have Google services already installed onthis but you need to install Google Play now the version I have installed to getit to work as a version 10 that one works the latest Google Play I thinkit's version 12 doesn't seem to work now you're gonna get a lot of this you'regonna see a lot of Chinese bloat everywhere it is after all a Chinesephone this is going to frustrate a lot of people now most of it you canactually uninstall so you can either go through the applications the settingwhich is a little bit more difficult and just then the launcher here you can dothat will then launch the wait setup so this one can go most of it you canuninstall which is good but there's a couple other apps that a system apps sothe ones that have not system apps there of course can be removed so that's onething you need to go through just cleaning it up a little bit but even soeven though you remove all the Chinese apps now and then you will see somethingpop up and it will be in Chinese let's have a look at that screen now and alittle bit more details so it's six point three nine inches and yes asmentioned the really small bezels really do make it AMOLED panel here fromSamsung so we've got options here for our white so you've got your typicalwarm standard call nothing else only here vibrant or standard saturation tooso maximum brightness tops out at 820 Lux which is excellent this is reallygood gammas 2.4 so a little off I mean you take a look at real world images andyou think that's under 50% brightness on camera you will get a little bit ofbanding like a flicker going thrilled just demonstrate that now so when I turnthis down you can see how this is banding coming through but I don't seethat in person so it doesn't look to have any of your pulse width modulationflicker coming through here overall this is a very bright screen atand screen of course AMOLED panel you're gonna have those very nice deep blacksas you can see here with this image so there's if I'd pro it is running Android8.1 so treble support is there that came in with eight but it doesn't support theseamless updates no surprise there with a Chinese mobile phone now we take alook now at the wide vine so it's security level three you need level oneif you want Netflix in HD so it's just stuck in standard definition there nowthe Wireless speeds and range being testing this out really good so I canpush the maximum speeds here out of my router there's no problems with thisit's going to go even over the speed hereso that's great no problems with that the same goes with 4G speeds rangereception good the speeds good again we take a look at the internal storage sothis does not have you Fe s to point once big storage no this would be in aflagship phone but this is a mid-range phone so there you're using eat mem seefive point once big and you can see from these speeds here that really the speedto find a decent this is not going to be bottlenecking and this phone at all andlastly for benchmarks so this is the end to to score so about 160,000 puts it onpar with other Snapdragon 710 Mobile's no one feature that I always find veryhandy on my Super AMOLED or AMOLED screens is you typically get thealways-on display so you can display information like tying missed callsnotifications they're there they're there of course as you can see with mysamsung galaxy s 9 plus but even though the z5 pro has an AMOLED panel it'smissing I've checked high and low through the settings and sadly there isno always-on display option that should be there hopefully lenovo will add thiswith future updates I wanted to touch back on performance again that I'venoticed that after using the phone for a couple of days that it didn't seem toactually pick up a little bit too so crime performance that seems to be quitegood so I'm just gonna load on my website but I have noticed thatsometimes even though you connected up with 4G or wireless it can be a bitslower than you would expect and the scrolling performance these you knowthat is actually good that fluid so what I'm going to do is just go back to homeand now I'll just quickly load up Twitter I think that's already in thebackground so that coming good and you see the scrollingperformance head that's not bad so that's good that's okay it's gonna be alittle bit slow sometimes because obviously Twitter has to load in allthose images those videos and you're rethinking there it's not the fastestbecause this is not a flagship chipset it's not a Snapdragon 805 but theperformance seems to be pretty decent multitasking when you switch throughthings now you can of course do split screen that's been around for a whilenow since Android seven you pop that in and just bring up my site and you'llnotice that then yeah it's gonna affect the performance a little bit it won't beit's fast but overall I mean the performance in general good it's justnow and then I'm seeing that what I call before like that touchscreen input lagthat is just not quite as smooth the animations or the touch input as itcould be now on to audio quality so you need to use the adapter obviously if youwant to plug in a 3.5 millimeter headphones I plug them in and listen toit it sounds fine it's not the best quality I've heard I do believe thatXiaomi does the output a lot better it's just it's the volume is okay it's justnot as punchy it's just it just doesn't sound quite there to me and there's myown personal preference of course now the speakers one down the bottom hereand we do have the one at the top I'm gonna give you an example here that whenyou use the speakers if you want the secondary loud speaker which of courseis hidden now at the moment it's covered up by the screen you've got a slide thendown in order to hear that I'll just show you the difference when that kicksin and it's not too bad when you get that second speaker working now on to gaming if you want to hearthat secondary loudspeaker you have to open it up because when you close itthat blocks up the sound I'll give you a quick example you probably can't hear itfrom here with my mic open it up you can hear that that probably is a little bitlouder there so the performance with this game with pub G this is on the HDsitting high frame rate and it is running perfectly fine this is good thisis playable it's a more newer chip this one the Snapdragon 710 is not too badso it's going to handle all of the newest titles perfectly fine but Iwanted to comment again because of the slider it's a little bit uncomfortableso when you have it open if you want to hear that speaker that's just a slightissue there if you close it that's fine and what I've noticed too that whenyou're in the heat of gaming and you go to for example aim over this way you'regonna move over that way what happens you end up pulling it open the slider inso you're doing this kind of all the time with it and a lot of people gonnasay are you being picky who would do that when you're gaming it actuallyturns out that it does happen a few times and yes I am dead so overall as agaming mobile phone yeah that display is great the audio is ok when it's openlike this but it's the slider that's gonna make it actually quite frustratingto use if you've got a keen eye you would have also picked up on this forsome reason the software is pushing everything this way so we're getting alittle bit information on the corner here cut off and they're getting thisborder on the side which shouldn't be happening and just to briefly show youthe stock camera app here that we've got so you've got all your typical modes youhave AO mode you even have this which is their super night shot mode so it's likeother manufacturers one of those night modes that's going to help enhance ituses various different photos it's such as than all together with I thinkdifferent exposures but I'll give you an example of that and just in a second ina minute once I get onto the samples but just quickly go through we've got videomodes up to 4k and no electronic image stabilization seems to be enabled withthis even though the chipset supports it don't know why no optical imagestabilization as well so video is going to be shaky again there will be a samplewe've got your dual camera mode that's straight forward and we have pro mode sothat gives you you can adjust the the shadow rate the white balance your focusand even you'll focus the centerpoint the way the exposure is gonna be workingthe auto exposure there and your ISO now is so this goes only up to 1600 sothat's not a lot a lot of manufacturers will go way higher than that but that'sall we get here now one thing to point out too that when you are in the videomode or the photo mode you can swap over to the second camera were there twotimes optical zoom so this is a sample that is being shot on the rear cameranow you can swap between on both of the lenses and I found the camera just likethey find the software it's very bad poorly optimized you can see the focushas massive trouble focusing look at that it's just all over the show itdoesn't have dual pixel face detection autofocus it's auto focus and often thiswill happen and it's just going to go all over the place you need to tap toget the focused most of the time which is really disappointing no electronicimage stabilization as well as you can see so it's going to be quite shaky andit doesn't even have electronic image stabilization - which is really quitedisappointing Oh in low light and you can see there is some focus huntinggoing on there is a lot of grain even though we do have a lot of streetlightsand things here it's not really great quality at all and when you zoom in thequality drops even further very poor so we take a look at the front-facingcamera now so like the rear and the camera is rather poor to the quality isnot that good 1080p maximum it tends to overexpose when you're in the Sun and itdoesn't have any focus this one so it's a fixed focus so we're not gonna haveany least any focus issues with us you can use the second sensor there to get a2 times the zoom again if you want gives you a massive crop but of course the ndquality drops down and again no electronic image stabilization on thisso overall very poor cameras on this phone shockingly poor really okay guys I'll try to make this summaryhere short and sweet screen very good very bright sunlightlegibility is good the build overall is good okay bit of a gap with the slidermore at the bottom if you squeeze it together there's a tiny bit of playthere when you open it up and you gain for example this slider will sometimesopen up on you that's just how it is also the thickness thick of the mostmobile phones again because of the slider and again a little bit heavier soit's 209 grams heavier than most phones very good screen doesn't make the phoneworth it to buy well I don't really think so as I pointed out the UI has thestuttering going on you see micro stutters now and then the fingerprintunlocking isn't as fast as it could be it's not as ekor as it should be it'snot quite as good as the the NEX the vivo NEX I found that that one wasworking a lot better and the cameras averages as wellnow battery life as a positive at this phone the battery is good you can getnine to ten hours of on-screen time that's where the brightness set it 20%you're streaming Netflix or something like that you lose about 10% every hourthat is on wireless on data it's about twelve thirteen percent it's a goodbetter life it's a two day mobile phone it charges very quick as well just undertwo and a half hours it is fully charged that's good but the overall generalpackage lenovo has got so much do of the software there's Chinese that pops uphere and there there's no on-screen display for some reason they're alwayson display doesn't exist in software you can use an app maybe to get that butthere's a third-party solution not from the manufacturers so for the price thereare just so many better phones out there I think I poked fun if one is one thatcomes to mind that is cheaper than this better performance better cameras justoffers a lot more and even better battery lifethank you so much for watching this review and I hope to catch you back inthe channel sooner we'll have something up and coming mobiles the Huawei Mate20 Pro mate 20x hopefully we will be getting those and very soon and theywill be featured in the channel hope to see you then bye for now .

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