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Face Bank: Creepy Way To Store Your Coins (Review) #AliExpress

Face Bank: Creepy Way To Store Your Coins (Review) #AliExpress So, Kirill has been in there for a suspiciously long time I'm going to go and check on him <Whoa whoa whoa!!!! I'm busy, go away!!> So, remember this face bank from the TechGadgets under $10 video? It is just as creepy in real life.
To activate it, you need to flick on the switchon the back, and touch it lightly on the ... uhh... the bottom part, It doesn't always eat the coin on the firsttry though, so you may need to try again every now andthen. It runs for about 10 seconds, then shuts offuntil you tap it again, regardless of whether the coin is in or not. This face bank works off 2 AA batteries.

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