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Doogee BL12000 Review - Another One To Avoid

Doogee BL12000 Review - Another One To Avoid So I've got with me here the Doogee BL12000 now you're probably thinking hang on you reviewed the mix 2 didn'tlike it so why are you looking at another Doogee phone now the simple answeris that this is a review unit that I arranged with light in the box dot com whosent this for free thank you very much before I looked at the mix 2 so I wasn'taware then are so much of the fake camera setup on the rear and the fakebezels that Doogee have been doing lately so their press images they show modelslike this one in particular and in the mix 2 with what looks like edge to edgebezel this design of the screen but of course when you get it open it up youfind out the bezels are in fact so much larger than what you were thinking sothey're misleading customers which isn't good what is also very misleading is therear camera setup so they say it has two times optical zoom which it doesn't theysay that there's two cameras on there which I highly doubt I believe that oneof the cameras is simply just a proximity sensor because if you placeyour finger over it it will say that stop blocking the the camera that makesure you don't block it but I believe that this one will be exactly like themnext to anyway there's some positives hopefully with this particular model I'mgoing to look at that the battery capacity is simply massive it's twelvethousand milliamp hours now that is a lot bigger than some of the laptops Ireview which cap out normally the budget ones at about ten thousand milliamphours so just think about that if somehow managed to cram that into amobile phone hopefully they haven't faked the battery capacity either withthis so the specs aren't anything amazing we are using a dated they areusing I should say chipset in here which is the media tech empty case 6750 t nowthat's octa-core 1.5 gigahertz a maximum turbo that has on there it's paired upwith the Meli t8 60 GPU that's the MP 2 version so it's just dual core and thenwe have four gigabytes of double data rate three RAM which I think runs atabout 933 megahertz in fact no it could actually be a lot slower than thatso it's not going to be amazing performance wise but hopefully paired upwith that battery we're gonna get some amazing battery life on this model hereso dude aligned to their customers is never a great way to get returnedcustomers in fact most people would probably never come backso hopefully I'm wrong here about their fake bezels and fake camera setup onthis model but we'll find out in just a second so there we go it's factorysealed here plain black box they would just be our twelve thousand on the front so there we have the phone oh wow thatis so chunky as expected look at this it comes in a case but thatis a brick of a phone look how thick that is of course it's got a batterycapacity that is literally twice or three times as much as most mobilephones so it's kind of to be expected isn't it but we'll take a look at thebezels and the phone in just a second have a look and see what else would getin the box now the charger that should besupporting media ticks pump Express - for faster charging which it does youcan see here it's 12 volts three ads the maximum output now dude you claim thatyou can fully charge this huge battery in four hours which I find to be prettydamn good if that is the case now to quickly take a look at what we get inthe box so we've got an instruction manual there that's in English we gettwo screen protectors we have a micro USB to cable and then they've alsoincluded a dongle here so this is micro USB - I almost forgot there is a simtool here of course because we need to be out open that sim tray up let's justcheck out the weight and thickness of it so Wow a whopping 340 grams that's oneheavy mobile phone now looking at the case here it's a little bit weird it hasthese dust ports over the micro USB 2 port and 3.5 millimeter jack at the topyou can see but it doesn't really clip in that well the quality of that case isa little bit cheap but it's better than nothing it is greatwe do have at least a case in the box and can see there's the 3.5 millimeterheadphone jack and yeah the funny little cover over that's not really going tokeep dust out of it so I'm not really too sure why they decided to do that 15point 1 millimeters so not going to win any records there when it comes toslimness that doesn't mentioned I mean it's got a huge battery capacity so thisis the trade off of course sup the problem a good earpiece frontcamera now that front camera probably just shoot VGA or maybe 720p if they'vepatched that the wide angled camera is a great addition I do like versus the factthat they've put that in here I want to see more wide angled cameras I thinkthat's a lot more practical than a gimmicky dual lens setup now you can seehere we've got those be longtime belong to you so there's some Chinese Englishon the front not sure what that is meant to be and we have a look at the camerahere I've noticed that when you have a look at the lens of the bottom camerait seems different like it's not actually a proper sensor in there so myguess is that's the fake camera just like the mixed two at the bottom we'vegot a fingerprint reader a dual tone LED flash on the right side the buttons herethey are made out of metal they feel okay they're not too bad at all it's anice little touch against the metal strips whether you like it or not thisdesign choice you've gone with the screws they're probably to hold in therear cover 3.5 millimeter headphone jack there at the top of course we're goingto have this because this doesn't have type C so they couldn't opt for justtype C only audio on the bottom of this portable power pack sorry I mean mobilefine you'll find the loudspeaker micro USB 2 port there and microphone I'lltest it out and speak it out in this video as well so at least you knowwhether it's decent or bad so the SIM tray on the left will take either 2 nanoSims or your micro sd card and nano SIM the back here has a pre-applied screenprotector it is glass now this side part of the frame if you're wondering it'smade out of plastic the SIM tray also has a little bit of metal around it theframe which is great because if you ever had a mobile phone with just the plasticframe that was a little bit flimsy and prone to breaking so in hand thephone feels okay you definitely notice the chunkiness of it the size of it toowhen you place it in your pocket it looks like you're carrying around asmall battery pack in there or in fact you've got two mobile phonesstacked into your pocket so a little bit uncomfortable to be carrying around thiskind of thickness here now this bright background here clearly shows thosebezels far from the press images so anyway we'll move on from that soquickly go through the fingerprint reader setup so I'm just gonna scan itfirst and I didn't particularly like the fingerprint reader on the digi mix - myone wasn't very good quickly I have the phone locked I will place my finger onhere now it's vibrated there we go it unlocks oh it takes about two or threeseconds so just take four Wireless updates there aren't any at the time ofthis review so we've got on-screen buttons even though we do have spacedown the bottom here for capacitive and the chin the lower bizzle it is notthere so it's running Android seven as you can see and the security patch levelis from the fifth of November which isn't bad that's quite recent the OS isalso decent the fact that it doesn't have any crammed on bloatware I do likethis trend here so it does have a custom UI feel to it a little bit because ofthe skin here so they've just changed a couple of icons really it is basicallylike stock Android 7 and you probably would have noticed there too that we dohave FM radio as well on this hard way so those of you that still like tolisten to FM then that's possible which is another little bonus there alreadyI'm starting to notice a little bit of serious UI lag here now when you'reinstalling something that's very obvious but when you swipe down here see thatlag that's actually not too bad now they've done it a couple of times butwhen I was installing antutu in swiping now it's smooth there was quite a fewstutters there and just getting around have noticed that it's not super smooththere that's to be expected from this chipset of course it's not the mostpowerful and here's the antutu result so 40 mm that's quite a bit less than theHallie o P 25 for example the gets normally around 60 to 65 thousand andalso a lot less than the Snapdragon 2 6 to 5 so it'sdefinitely not a powerful chipset there's one definitely low-end now thedisplay actually looks quite alright for the price of this phone it's perhaps thebest feature of this if you must have an 18 by 9 aspect ratio screen with amassive huge battery then this really is the only phone that I know of at themoment they'd probably be some future models coming out I think there's goingto be a BL 12,000 Pro model 2 with a better chipset in there so the colorreproduction looks ok the calibration out of the box perhaps a slightly linktowards blue turn the whites on here but overall not really too bad at all thescreen it's also bright so we just got the one now speaker on the bottom and asexpected it doesn't sound wonderful I mean it's quite flat but I'll give you asample of it now alright so it sounds ok it's got a reasonable amount of loudnessideally if it was louder that would be much better moving on to the cameras nowso there's a lot of controversy over these cameras because really they arefake and you can see the difference in the sensor and the lens so look at thebottom one here this is the fake one so covering this up it doesn't actually doanything any new photos there's no optical zoom in there and see how it'slighter in color it almost just looks like it's a fake plastic lens perhapsthere's a proximity sensor sitting just behind there so when you do cover itwhen you're in the bokeh effect the blue backgrounds it'll tell you to stopcovering lens and that's maybe just a cheap way to cover up the fact that heywe've actually just put a fake camera in there and just to prove the point evenfurther look I'm covering it now nothing is happening going through all thedifferent modes I won't go through all of them here but that's in bokeh modewhere it should be using it now think cover the top lens and you can clearlysee I am covering it at the bottom again no so it is 100% fake and a real shamethat Duty are doing this they are misleading customers they are lyingabout having dual camera setups but anyway let's have a look at some photossamples now and some video shot on the BL 12000 this is a sample shot on the rear cameraso 16 megapixels we've got 1080p maximum I'm recording on the fine preset thefocus they claim to be face detection autofocus but I've found that while atleast in video it does not seem to be the case that really you have to tap tofocus on things and then it will focus so autofocus seems to be disabled orvery slow when in use the quality as you can expect kind of than this category ofphone that it's not wonderful really and well we've got video that you can recordin 1080p but don't expect amazing quality it's all over the front-facingcamera now so with the front-facing camera you can use the wide-angle selfielens I really do like the fact that they have included this at least it'spractical it's not a dummy fake camera and we do get a lot more in the shot asyou can see I'm holding this is my full arm's length here and if we swap overnow to the other camera you can see that this one is cropped in so much closernow when you swap over it stops the recording so you have to start and stopeach time you change the cameras but the quality as you can see quite average alittle bit pixelated a little washed out nothing amazing so let's take a look atthe battery life it is in fact not as amazing as you would think it would bewith such a large batteries so according to do G it has a twelve thousand whenyou have our battery capacity which seems kind of crazy they'll be able tofit that into a mobile phone but continual use on screen time of only 13hours and 40 minutes now you probably thinking hang on Chris 13 hours almost14 hours is amazing on screen time but think about the likes of the Snapdragon65 and the redmi note 4 X I got 14 hours of screen on time and that has a fourthousand milliamp hour battery so I expected at least 20 hours of screen ontime even more from this phone and it really does fail to deliver with thatinefficient chipset and again I think that the battery capacity is probablyonly about 8,000 milliamp hours now if I have a look at our battery informationhere - I'll just confirm that you can see that I was using it continuously nowthat was heavy you so I was a lot of gamingstreaming YouTube streaming sorry the whole time during that time there andagain screen on time 13,000 30 minutes great but I expectedjust so much better from a mobile phone like this and if you're wondering can itact like a portable battery pack yes it will charge other devices I'm currentlycharging the maze alpha X here with the BL 12000 now when it comes to gamingperformance I've noticed that it is definitely a little bit slower than theMallee T 880 as expected you see a few morelittle stutters but I raw mean you can't play all of the games I have tested withplayable framerates just don't expect it to be super smooth 100% of the timethat's the only real downside there ok so there we go to bluntly put it this isnot a recommended phone at all as you seen from the battery life that you'dexpect with a twelve thousand milliamp hour battery capacity which I personallybelieve has been faked it's not really that capacity I feel it's probably likeeight thousand milliamp hours or ten at most and even that's probably reallypushing it to get it into this thick bulky frame so only around fourteenhours of screen on time and you're probably thinking what do you mean onlyfourteen hours 14 hours is really great yes it is of course but you have to takeinto consideration that other mobile phones with a Snapdragon 625 chipsetaround this price point with a four thousand milliamp hour battery which isthree times less get 14 hours of screen on time with my same testing process sothat was the xiaomi redmi note 4 X that I managed to get that kind of on screentime and really I see no reason to go for this mobile phone unless of courseyou must have that external charging so you can use that adapter cable that'sincluded in the box to charge other devices so you could plug in for examplean action camera charge that which other mobile phones hardly any in the marketdo that there's only a select few that can and you'll find there Chinese modelswere very similar spec so the CPU that mediatek 67 50 T is rather disappointingI do not like the performance of it you see a lot of lag and start I mean justswiping down the vacations and the toggles at the topoften results in really bad lag there and that's not good to see the ROM islight which is a positive and then the cameras okay they fake the cameras onthe rear and they've also faked the bezels from their press images do Gshould almost be called really dodgy shouldn't they because they are reallymisleading their customers and how they expected to gain return customers ifthey just lie about everything to start with thank you so much for watching thisreview now if you like this content please think about subscribing if youhave any questions let me know down in the comment section below in this videoand thank you so much for watching bye for now .

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