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Chuwi CoreBook Unboxing & Full Detailed Review

Chuwi CoreBook Unboxing & Full Detailed Review This is Chuwi's latest flagship tabletit's a large tablet it's powered by the Core M3 7y 30 and the screen sizeis thirteen point three inches it's a 1080p screen fully laminated so we'renot gonna have that horrible ugly gap between the digitizer glass and then theIPS panel which is great to see that it's a thin design and it is a unibodymetal housing that they've put on here as well now this is quite a large boxbecause it also contains the keyboard and the stylus so we'll be checkingthose out in the review as well so the battery capacity is 34 watt hours whichisn't massive so it's going to be good for about five hours only unfortunatelyand I've noticed that most of the core m3 tablets so that's all you tend to getI've never seen really good battery life we've never seen seven or eight hours onany khorium device and that includes the Microsoft Surface pro as well so thismodel does have a type C port and it doesn't have any full size USB 3 portsand that type cover that's in here as well also acts as a stand for it so it'shighly recommended to get that as well so anyway let's check out and see whatwe get in the Box the design of the tablet run through my normal tests andalso my final opinion at the end of this review with my pros and cons so you cansee we've got a large brown box here this is Chuy's typical packaging andthey do put on the left side they're just the specs of it that I outlined soit's using the chewy high pin 3 which I will show you and it is well packaged uphere so there's the tablet I'll put that to the side for a second so in thislittle box in the middle we just got a few leaflets here so that's yourwarranty user manual another typical kind of paperwork you will get with anew product now in the pouch on the side you will find the power supply so thisis a type c1 as you can see there black the cable length isn't too bad it's notthe longest and it is rated to 12 volts 3 amps and in the plug of course forwhatever version you ordered this is the EU model so I have an e you plug thisinsert of course lifts else and under this we then find that we've got thekeyboard and that h i3 pin so we take a look quickly at the stylus it does comepackaged out you have a battery for it so it's one of those expensive quad-abatteries and the stylus has a look to it very similar tothe likes of say the surface pen well a little bit so it does have the other endof think does work as well but it will test that out we've got two buttons andthen the tip the tip is not rubber it is a hard plastic so you obviously need tounscrew this and then insert that quad a battery and onto the cool book keyboardso the keyboard has this felt fake suede like material to it so it's almost likea a fabric and what it does is attract dust that's an absolute dust magnet sothis thing's sharp dust and do it and the straightaway and it can be a bit ofa pain to keep clean it's made out of like a plastic frame to that it'swrapped over and we've got this in here to stop it obviously for the keyboardfrom getting damaged and the way this works is very similar again to thataudio cube k note that I reviewed so this is like a stiff hinge and thatgives you the various different positions when you dock the tablet to itso we've got a a 10 pin Pogo port right there the connector and then a largetouchpad right here with a status LED so I can see we have a function shortcut toget media controls for those keys along the top for your volume and it doesn'tseem to be separate keys therefore the screen brightness I which is slightlydisappointing and I cannot see a Print Screen button either and page up anddown home our also missing from this keyboard which is a minor but at leastthe shift keys are normal kind of size on both sides often they're sometimescut down the shift-key or they will cut down the arrow keys that hasn't happenedhere now because it does sit flat there is no other level you can't prop it upagain there's no magnet along the top here you're not going to get any flex atleast but it's a flat keyboard so typing it it does feel perfectly fine thosekeys now this palm wrist is going to be a nightmare to keep clean because itdoes have that fabric as well and I can see that with your hands with the oilsfrom your hands and if it's hot dane things and you have sweaty palms thatthis is going to be very very easy to get dirty now i can see that it doeshave left and right hardware mouse button so it's not just the gestureshopefully this is a Windows precision touchpad but I will check that so justpulled it out of the protective slip and straight away Oh notice that it has aapplied screen protector they often do this with the tablets out of Chinabecause a people want them and the factories can normally apply themperfectly without any dust and B they don't which is the most important thingnormally use scratch resistant tempered glasses will probably just be soda limeglass which can scratch easily so we do have a hardware home button here and yesit is a click in type but it also acts of course as a fingerprint reader nowthis is an eland fingerprint reader and there is the connector for the keyboardso that's those ten pins there with the Pogo port and these two little gaps youcan see that's where it slots in to hold it in position and there'll be magnetsinside the case of this here now you notice that there's this funny whiteedge is round here now someone to my forum in fact two different people saidthat it was the screen glass elimination failing that was a manufacturing faultand it's in fact not the case because this is a screen protector it's becauseit has 2.5 D glass so it doesn't actually sit right down on that curve sothe rear of the tablet has this unibody alloy housing and it feels quite good inhand it doesn't tend to show up the fingerprints too bad and it is all metalapart from this strip along the top where you'll find all the ports so portlocation is rather poor I don't like the ports at the top don't think this is awise design move so you can see we do have an auto focus 5 megapixel camera wehave a micro SD card slot now those total two little dots there you can seethose are microphones we have a micro USB 2 here and then we have 3.5millimeter headphone jack with a microphone support and then a type Cport which supports data charging and display out and those two little girlsthey're either side ad top firing loudspeakers so I do like the locationof the speaker's not either side which you do find on some tablets and they'rerather easy to block when you're holding it of course and then on the left sideyou'll find a middle volume button power button and below that power button as astatus LED so the frame that around the glass is plastic and it clips in nicelyand I've noticed that when you hold it and I apply a little bit of pressure tothe case in everything there's no creaks there's no flex so overall the buildquality is good and it definitely is solidwith no flex there so the tablet is 9.33 millimeters thin which isn't badconsidering it as a large 13.3 inch tablet and it weighs 1.1 kilos nowthat's just the tablet so it's quite heavy as expected for a large tablet ifwe add the keyboard that brings it up now to 1.8 kilos and then the powersupply which you'll have to take along with you brings it up to 2.0 - which Ifeel actually is not too bad considering now what I have noticed that this isabout the third astern really push the screen back because any third is ifyou're tapping on it you type really hard about there is probably the maximumabout there it's going to give up that hinge is not going to be able to supportthe weight of the tablet then and probably just collapse as you can see itjust did alright so I have removed the firstlayer of the screen protector and also the protector that's on top of thetouchpad gone straight into the BIOS say I wanted to check if it's fully unlockedand unfortunately it isn't we do have some settings here but there is no powerlimits or anything like that now I do believe we'll still be able to use intowels XTU if you want to tweak down or undervolt it increase power limits andthings like that but I will check that out so we've still got our boot menu ofcourse here if you want to put Linux which I will test in this review butthat'll be towards the end now we'll just save and get out of here and I'llboot straight into Windows alright so we're up and running here inWindows just to point out that it does have not the recent most of today butone of the more up-to-date versions and builds of Windows here because normallyyou see versions which are 1706 or 1708 I think it is and this has 1803 so we doget things like down on the power settings you get now that of coursewhere it just says the battery level you've got best battery life bestperformance and things like that right here you can see now I just wanted torun through a few things here I've already done my testing now for two daysand on first boot I had a hundred and three gigabytes free of data there whichis not a lot now you could open this up but it's going to be very complicatedbecause the case basically clips into the front outside housing so it's gonnabe very difficult and then add your own MDOT to 22:42sized SSD no don't know the make of SSD but I will quickly show you the speedsbut just before that I wanted to point out that the RAM is running in dualchannel and it's 1600 megahertz but the timing of it actually seems to bealright so the RAM isn't at the fastest but itdoesn't affect the Geekbench for scores or the performance as far as I can tellit seems to be good so that's why the RAM time as I feel they've used it's alittle bit tighter than you get with the 1866 megahertz you typically see I'veseen on other devices like the cube sinkerso the Geekbench for scores here they are really quite good the internalstorage well this is not the fastest SATA 3 SSD you will see however it isfaster than e MMC 5.1 speak that they were originally going to go for but theyreach certain goals with the crowdfunding and that's when they put anSSD and they also increased the RAM capacity as well here so 400 readers andwrite sequential aren't the best do typically you can see up to 500 550 the4k reads you can see there at 9 that's a little bit low but the writes are goodand overall the performance of the system does seem quite quick that isalso reflected in the antutu scores a very good score care for the court m37wife 30 of almost 220,000 and then looking at the device manager what we'vegot on board here so it's using the dual band wireless AC 3165 from Intel andwith my FTP tests you're looking about 390 megabits per second the maximumtransfer speeds through this particular chipset I mean this is ideal it's goodI'm getting the full speeds out of my fiber line with this the range is goodas well and no trouble with that so good performance from the wireless it's justnot the fastest chipset out there now when it comes to the display it up aswell it has the Intel integrated HD graphics that is the 615 which they'restill using in the eighth generation corium 8100 Y which is I don't eventhink that's an any devices yet that's just been recently announced that one'scoming through now for sensors we do have an accelerometer of course for thescreen so it will flip around and then a Bosch sorry an ambient lightsensor that's the Bosch accelerometer and evident light sense of course isconnected to the automatic brightness which you can see right here so it sonsuggested at the moment that's using the sensor and you've got the newer settingson here so you've got brighter brightest and then darkest now to me darkest isstill way too bright this should be very dim for late time years and a lot ofmanufacturers they don't seem to tone this right down now there are oursoftware apps out there they're like filters for the screen it can make it alittle bit darker at least now the screens maximum brightness caps out at240 Lux approximately which to me is falling short a little bit in peakbrightness ideally this is white I like to see at least 300 now it is aided bythe fact it's fully laminated but you can see there's a lot of reflection tosee my hand now waving around the back and that's of course because I do havethe screen protector on it now I could remove this but I'm leaving it onbecause I don't want to scratch up the screen but overall the colors thereproduction of the screen I find to be good now depending on what you'relooking at if you have a complete dark background I have noticed that thispanel does suffer from a bit of light leakage on the end it's to do with thebonding process so long on the black here it's a little hard to make out youcan see instead of being really really dark there is a little bit of whitethat's creeping in in this part here there's a little bit at the top and someon the other side as well it's just a characteristic of the screen it'ssomething you can't really avoid and it's only really noticeable with thesame exact color and mostly with dark backgrounds will you actually see it nowtouch response and accuracy does seem really good there's no complaints withthe screen at all in regards to that it's working really fine it's accurateit's smooth and the same goes for when you're for example looking at a webpagevery very smooth the touch input so the core m37 Y 30 it handles a TVC codecsjust fine vp9 now this is 4k encoded at a hundred and40 megabits per second so a very high bitrate and it's playing it fine thereare a few little stutters initially but once it gets going it is good now theoutput from the type C port I've tested it out is 30 Hertz 4k maximum so there'sno 60 Hertz unfortunately it doesn't support HDMI - not this chipset the samegoes for streaming and crime so this is 4k streaming with youtube now that wasjust from me minimizing and maximizing you will see a few drop frames but otherthan that it really does work perfectly fine and does look really good on thescreen if only it was just a little bit brighter and moving on now to the audiodepartment so the output from the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack is reasonablyloud there's no static there's no hiss it's clean which is great the speaker'sso I pointed them out at the start so top firing speakers these do sound a lotbetter than the older cube tablets I've tested out so that's another cornereater but the K note 5 the speakers on that one very poor they are loudly herea little bit richer just lacking a little bit of volume really but I'llgive you a sample of them now so a performance overall of the callbook is good going and swapping between tabs here I'm running quite a few thingsat the same time and I do have Chrome open with various different tabs soobviously the eight gigabytes of RAM is helping now what is also helping is thefact that cube have set a seven watt power limit so the short turbo booststhe turbos max power is 7 and then the 15 watts as well so now themanufacturers only recommends I think it's 4.5 that's the lower level so it'sat a nominal T DP and quite a high setting ready for that so this is whythe performance is good for a core m3 so things like docks and all that editingdocuments you tube checking emails very light games and all that as what thisparticular chipset is perfectly fine at what it's not good at of course isTriple A games editing 4k videos and things like that that's where this isgoing to fall completely flat on its face but other than that the performanceis good it does keep up and I think most people will be very pleased with theperformance of the court m3 so it's a sample now of the front facing webcam720p 30 frames per second and the quality of the video is good I feel it'sfine okay I'm in bright studio lights at the moment if you're low light it'sgoing to be grainy it could be choppy but where it is falling short you canprobably hear it as the audio quality notes not wonderful to me but still thisis going to be possible for Skype I just wish that all you didn't have so muchhiss - it hopefully that can be improved upon somehow now to briefly cover thekeyboard after using it for a few days so it is an OK keyboard to type on it'sdefinitely not a high quality keyboard it doesn't have a feel of for examplethe me notebook Pro that I have no nowhere near that but overall the typingexperience is good I do miss having the shortcut for print screen I have to usethe window snip tool now for that so that's a minor annoyance now at thestart of the video I said there were no page up and down Keys there actuallyhere okay they're right there there are shortcuts for that we use the functionkey now the touchpad is a precision one with windows precision drivers but Idon't particularly like the surface of it so thisof it is quite textured and I've noticed that it just tends to not be as great asother windows precision touch pads I've used now the size of it is good and itprobably is the first one to use the proper windows drivers in the setupcompared to other type covers from Chinese manufacturers so that's onepositive there so overall it is definitely a usable keyboardjust don't expect super high-quality typing experience from this one so wehave that alone fingerprint reader down the bottom that a lot of tablets don'thave the cube key note didn't have it and what I'm going to do is just goingto set it up again so I can demonstrate to you so you just have to use a fingerlike your mobile phone that you want to set up and just get it to read it so I'mjust using this finger right here and you need to just lift up your finger andit takes about ten attempts there and that will set it up now just to quicklydemonstrate the fingerprint reader in action so the position I'm not quitefond of I think it should be on the side however it does actually tend to worknine out of ten times which is the main thing as you can see there it's veryquick and straight into Windows without having to type out a password so muchfaster now on to battery life so last night I tested it out from a full chargeand you can see these are my results here so this was mixed use I waswatching some amazon prime so streaming and 1080p and I managed to get fivehours and seven minutes some doc edits I was using Chrome editing my website aswell so battery life on the core m3s has never been wonderful for me and this ison par more or less with other devices I have tested out perhaps maybe a littlebit less because it's only a 38 what our battery now charge times it's around 3hours and 30 minutes to fully charge that battery as well now one thing I'mnot fond of with this tablet is the port location at the top here so you have touse dongles and adapters and they don't include them in the box because we don'thave a full size USB 3 port and also with my unit I've got a bit of a problemso the micro SD card reader you can see here they sit in flush that's all fineand dandy then what happens is that I've noticed a lot of times windows will makethe confirmation beep with my micro SD cards and I reinsert thembut then they don't actually show up and I can't access them and I have to rebootthe machines so I do have issues with my unit with the micro SD card reader rightso on to the stylus test now so this is the stylus obviously I showed you in thebeginning we've got the two buttons the tip at the end there is actually nosupport for the end so that the end of it will not work as an eraser so this isone note I've notice the performance here seems to be pretty good actuallywould help if I select the pin tool so do that now however function doeswork about three millimeters away from the screen that's when it detects and ifof course there's palm rejection with this so just going to draw a couple oflines try and just do it a straight line there if you go out to the edge itleaves about there you go you can see the straight line there you get amillimeter or so we're so won't go right to the edge of the bezel but the mostimportant thing for me and a lot of people is how is the writing performanceso just do a quick test now the palm rejection should come in hopefully yeshello there and for some reason I cannot write thereoh so that is not good do that again what is going on okay hello no this isnot working too well I'm not sure what is up with this the tool seems to beselecting or going up there for some reason maybe I'm pressing the button Ithink that's my fault and I will do this again okay no hello no I'm not seeing itsleeping up there so to me that the performance of this stylus is not goodat all if you want the best honest performance on Windows get a surface orsomething that supports of course the intrigued stylus was a whack on start aswell because this for me let's do this this is bad but I can't even write thatso the horrible status really so I pulled up a linux and you can see thatyes it is working wireless works the touchpad works and even the mousebuttons they work fine but what is not working is the touch screen and this issomething of course we need with the tablet so no touch screen you'd have tohunt around and try and find a solution and drivers to get that one to work sothat maybe a bit of a mission there so notquite perfect when it comes to the Linux support testing our just a couple ofgames here so first up is counter-strike this is 720p on the lowest settings andyou can see we are getting a very playable framerate here no problems itstays most of the time around 60 frames per second if not over and will dip downsometimes in the higher 40 so overall good performance with these older lighttitles and other light engine games for example legal agents which I'm playingright here 70 frames per second this is 1080p on the medium high setting anothertitle that is very playable no issues with this one and still games likeasphalt 9 legends here perfectly playable it runs it fine no massivestuttering so taking a look at now the thermals I was gaming for about 30minutes and they check out they are actually quite good for this chipset sowe're getting a maximum temperature of 73 degrees which is good now does getwarm on the back I got my thermal probe out and you will see it reach about 42to 43 degrees so it does get hot to the touch it's just around this area here sowhere the chipset is where it's going to heat up a little bit and you'll see alsothat the power consumption is maxing out right here at about 10 watts and the GPUgets up to 74 so 74 max on the core m37 Y 30 is not actually bad at all so goodthermals alright so there we go that is the chewy core book it has been somewait for me to get my hands on this so I'll start with the positives here thisscreen is actually not bad at all it's fully laminated we do have some lightleakage the brightness tops out around about 240 250 lux ideally I like to seearound 300 but I find the fact that because it's fully laminated and mostpeople will be using it indoors the screen is going to be okay it's gonna beperfectly fine now the keyboard and the touch pad touch pads a windows precisionone I didn't expect this so that is good but I'm not too fond of the texture ofit it's not the best track pay out there now the keyboard typing experience it'sgood it's fine I haven't noticed any typos just don't expect a super highquality keyboard now the fingerprint reader the location is okay maybe notthe best but it actually does work really well goes into Windows superquick as I showed you so that's good I do like it the fact that's working wellanother thing that's also good is the performance of this tablet it is verygood one of the better corium three tablets that I have reviewed chewy hasthe thermals under control they've got obviously a large copper heatsink andthey've got some thermal pads and even though the Rams at 1600 megahertz it'snot affecting the performance compared to say 1866 which the likes of say thecube thinker is running but the timing seemed to be just a little bit better sono performance loss there at all stream 4k fine play 4k clips the wireless rangeis good the speeds also are good the loudspeakers are better than the cube sothe all EQ the K note series I have reviewed these ones are much betterthere but when it comes to disappointments well the ports we don'thave a full size USB port on here we have a very poor port location don'tlike that at all my micro SD card reader it doesn't seem to work properly I stillcan't get it to read any of my cards I don't know whether it's drivers or it'sjust I have a faulty unit perhaps here with my one.
Battery life not amazing sofive hours I expected this it's a core M3 three I've never gotten a good batterylife out of any of the corium devices the tech the laptops the tablets Ireviewed they all seemed to top out around five and a half hours six hoursmax that's it so that as an area of disappointment the stylus as well itjust for me it's not working good at all I can't write proper notes with it sowouldn't get it for the stylus and I would if you can find a very good priceyeah go for it if it covers all you need but just be aware of those cons Ipointed out the battery life micro SD card reader is probably just my unitkeyboards not the best in the world it's a little bit heavy a little bit bulky ifyou're going to use it without having it propped up in thestand then yet you do tire quite quickly of using it but overall it is a nicetablet it's just far from perfect with those floors I have pointed out therethank you so much for watching this review I hope to see you back and thechannel with more up-and-coming reviews bye for now .

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